Company Profile

Errant Gene Therapeutics, LLC? was established in October 2003 by Patrick Girondi to develop treatments for life-threatening diseases, in particular those recognized as rare disorders or orphan diseases.

EGT?s primary strategy is to address the unmet medical needs of patients with orphan diseases through the development of its technology and treatments. In addition, the company maintains a constant search for new therapeutic advancements that have the potential to be developed into future treatments. The company’s strong intellectual property position is the result of world-wide exclusive licensing agreements from prominent academic laboratories and the acquisition of proprietary technology.

The EGT lead product candidates, Thalagen and CG-1521, target the treatment of the blood disorder thalassemia and refractory prostate cancer, respectively. These products are based on pharmacological technology which corrects the errant gene expression causing each disorder. EGT is currently developing two technologies which can be rapidly introduced into human clinical trials, studied and made available to patients. Thalagen is a treatment for thalassemia based on the technology of gene therapy; CG-1521 is an inhibitor of histone deacetylase and represents a new treatment paradigm for therapy resistant prostate cancer.

Additional product candidates in development target pulmonary and neurodegenerative disorders.